The Best Way to Learn H2 Math Quickly

Are you struggling with math? Are things not adding up? Well, AO Studies provides you with a cheap, convenient, and timely solution. For students in Singapore, you can link up with us to learn from the best teachers with tons of experience.

We understand that H2 math can be challenging, time consuming and disappointing. However, we have teachers who will change their teaching methods to ensure that you have grasped the content and excel in the subject in no time.

Why AO Studies is Your Perfect Option for Learning H2 Math

There is a reason why we rank amongst the best and that many students prefer our services. This goes down to one thing- quality! Everything about us is organised. From the programme structure to class activities and the syllabus layout.

When you sign in, everything is clearly mapped out. You, therefore, have a clear picture of what to expect. Here is why you need to trust us to help you pass your O-level and A-level math exams.


  1. You Learn from the Best Teachers

Mr. Lim Chu Wei is a math specialist that is proven and tested. He is well-versed with the current curriculum and his work ethic is perfect. Students who have gone through Mr. Lim’s classes can attest to this.

Our math specialist adheres to the AO Studies programme that aims at reducing the students’ revision hours by over 30%.

  1. Enjoy Convenient and Efficient in-person Learning

Math lessons in schools are conducted in large lecture halls with a lot of students. As a result, some students find it difficult to catch up with the teacher in case of any misunderstanding. Following up with the lecturer after classes is also a hard task given that students have other lessons to attend.

At AO Studies, we do away with

Biology tuition to improve grades

Biology is one of the three main science subjects along with physics and chemistry. Proficiency in biology is necessary for a career in many fields especially healthcare, medicines, botany, zoology, pharmacy. Initially biology is only taught as a science subject, later it is divided into different branches like botany, genetics, zoology, anatomy and others. Many students find the biology taught in Singapore schools confusing and difficult to understand so this affects their grades. Hence their parents are looking for a tutor who offers a level biology tuition



Compared to other sectors, the demand for healthcare professionals is always increasing since the population worldwide is increasing. So many students are interested in a healthcare career, working as a doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist or other service provider since it is easy to get a job and the salaries are also high. However, for studying in the healthcare sector, it is important to get good grades in biology at the level. Students who are not getting good grades at a levels internal exams will usually find that taking tuition will help them.


Biology subject

One of the reasons why students do not get good grades in biology is because of the wide range of subjects that are taught, from the cell structure of different kinds of plants, plant propagation, to human anatomy and different diseases. Often the student is not interested in the different branches of biology, tries to memorize them without understanding, and forgets the details resulting in poor grades. In other cases, the student is not using the right studying, memorization techniques to classify the different information available, so that the information is stored in his brain for easy retrieval.



It is important to carefully evaluate the biology tutor before hiring him or her. In some

Tips for buying the best children study table

The study room of your child should be designed carefully for making sure that a space is created for offering maximum comfort to your child. Therefore, you will need to add the right kind of furniture for completing the look of the study room and nothing is more important than the children study table. This is the most important piece of furniture that will ensure that your child will enjoy maximum comfort, enjoyment and efficiency when using it for studying. Additionally, you need to put in efforts for providing an effective and suitable place to your child where he/she will carry on important projects. You will get a large number of options when it comes to selecting the study table but you should ensure that you are selecting furniture that will fulfil the requirement of your child. 


Children study table is especially designed for providing a smooth and efficient workstation for your child and hence you need to be careful with the selection of the study table. You should never try repurposing a large sized table for your child because the perfect study table is optimally designed for meeting the requirements of your child. It also takes into account the age, size, and height of the child so that you will get an excellent looking study table for your child. A good quality study table helps in improving the concentration and posture of the child so that it will offer them a space that your children can it his/their own. You should also ensure that the table is placed strategically in a place so that it will get adequate sunlight for allowing the child to study efficiently. When buying the study table, look for good quality furniture that is built to last so that you will get an option

MacBook Usage and Maintenance Tips

You are probably wondering how to get the most out of your MacBook and how to best take care of it. There are various reasons for considering these issues, the main one being how much of an investment these laptops are. It doesn’t make sense of owning such a device if you can’t afford it to fix it and properly use it.


Proper MacBook Usage


Even though Apple computers and devices are made easy-to-use and work right out of the box, there are still things you need to consider when using one. Part of this is for safety, and part of this is to make the most of your time when you use your laptop. This is an important part of the usage of every computer, including some of the best.


One thing you need to be aware of is where you buy your accessories. Apple recommends that you only buy approved accessories from reputable companies. There is the temptation in buying cheaper alternatives to what you need, but don’t make that mistake. The main issue you could deal with is the item not working with your computer or even damaging it.


Proper MacBook Maintenance


There are many issues when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your MacBook laptop. One such instance is dealing with power issues. Even though it isn’t particularly recommended by Apple, it’s possible to get a professional MacBook battery repair in Singapore. Oftentimes, it’s cheaper to get it through a third-party than through the company directly.


Another issue is keeping your computer from overheating. This is less of a problem with Apple computers since aluminum helps dissipate the heat. However, this means that you’ll feel the heat more than other computers. Be careful not to burn yourself

Buy Engagement Ring- Know the benefits of buying a ring online

When you want to buy an engagement ring for that special person in your life, you have the option of either buying the ring online or offline. While buying offline requires you to travel to the store to select the ring according to your preferences, you also have the option of buying the ring online in a convenient manner. 

Additionally, you will also enjoy substantial savings with the purchase of the ring online so that you will get the most attractive and cost efficient option. Therefore, you should use the internet for finding the perfect engagement ring as you will get a wide selection of rings that will meet your requirements. Moreover, you will get a large number of high-quality engagement rings that are available at an affordable price so that you will get the most attractive option.

There are many benefits that you will enjoy when you buy engagement ring online and the most important benefit is that it is a safe and effective option. You also have the option of viewing every diamond ring up close before the purchase so that you will get the best looking ring for surprising your lady love. 

The shipping process is also very secure and safe so that you will not have to worry about the delivery of the valuable engagement ring at your doorstep. Additionally, there is a wide selection of engagement ring that you can select based on your individuality and personality so that you will cherish your decision for purchasing the ring of your choice.

Buying an engagement ring online is the most convenient and luxurious option where you will get a high-quality engagement ring for the love of your life. You will also get a warranty with your purchase so that you will not have to worry about