The Best Way to Learn H2 Math Quickly

Are you struggling with math? Are things not adding up? Well, AO Studies provides you with a cheap, convenient, and timely solution. For students in Singapore, you can link up with us to learn from the best teachers with tons of experience.

We understand that H2 math can be challenging, time consuming and disappointing. However, we have teachers who will change their teaching methods to ensure that you have grasped the content and excel in the subject in no time.

Why AO Studies is Your Perfect Option for Learning H2 Math

There is a reason why we rank amongst the best and that many students prefer our services. This goes down to one thing- quality! Everything about us is organised. From the programme structure to class activities and the syllabus layout.

When you sign in, everything is clearly mapped out. You, therefore, have a clear picture of what to expect. Here is why you need to trust us to help you pass your O-level and A-level math exams.


  1. You Learn from the Best Teachers

Mr. Lim Chu Wei is a math specialist that is proven and tested. He is well-versed with the current curriculum and his work ethic is perfect. Students who have gone through Mr. Lim’s classes can attest to this.

Our math specialist adheres to the AO Studies programme that aims at reducing the students’ revision hours by over 30%.

  1. Enjoy Convenient and Efficient in-person Learning

Math lessons in schools are conducted in large lecture halls with a lot of students. As a result, some students find it difficult to catch up with the teacher in case of any misunderstanding. Following up with the lecturer after classes is also a hard task given that students have other lessons to attend.

At AO Studies, we do away with