4 Ideal Types of Industrial Deep Cleaning Chemicals for Meticulous Cleaning

Industrial deep cleaning transcends the intensity of regular cleaning and often requires more vigor and detailed tidying up. It’s usually focused and purposeful, not just to remove dirt and grime but to eliminate germs and harmful bacteria. Therefore, the chemicals used need to match that caliber – strong and fast-acting. Here are the four ideal industrial deep cleaning chemicals for meticulous cleaning.

  1. Strong alkali cleaning agents

These are the strongest industrial deep cleaning chemicals that are technically thorough and quick in action. Usually, a little amount in water is enough since they can corrode most organic materials and could be harmful to the skin. This fast-paced action makes them suitable for use in defiantly greasy and grimy surfaces and, thus, a good prerequisite for cleaning.

Once used, cleaners must adequately rinse the surfaces to remove any strong alkali deposits that could increase the chances of corroding. Most industrial deep cleaning services prefer using this chemical once every while since they require proper handling to avert health hazards. Good examples of this type of chemical include potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, commonly used in Singapore.

  1. Strong acids

Only a few bacteria can withstand the killing power of strong acids such as hydrochloric acid, making it a preferable choice in industrial deep cleaning arsenals. They’re perfect for cleaning industrial toilets, bathtubs, and sinks, and they can remove tough stains. These acids are perfect for industries having numerous people who have an escalated chance of interacting with incredibly harmful bacteria.

Since strong acids whiten surfaces, they’re perfect for maintaining neat-looking surfaces and machinery. However, they need gentle handling since they can also corrode surfaces or irritate the skin when it comes in contact. Typical industrial deep cleaning services prefer strong acids over strong alkalis, given their less intensive action on the skin. That makes them marginally safer but efficient to work with.

  1. Medium alkali cleaning agents

Medium alkalis are a milder version of the stronger types but less vigorous on the skin and efficient in action. However, that doesn’t make them entirely safe to use but also demands utmost care in handling. They’re usually rigorous in action but less intensive than the stronger types. Medium alkalis aren’t so good on greasy surfaces but can be perfect for eliminating germs and harmful bacteria. A typical medium alkali used in industrial deep cleaning services, includes sodium carbonate. However, numerous others have a similar impact and are preferable in industrial deep cleaning.

  1. Mild alkali cleaning agents

Mild alkalis usually help soften cleaning water and remove mineral deposits that enable seamless mixing with water. Their impact on greasy and grimy surfaces shows better when paired with a powerful detergent. They’re less harmful on the skin and seemingly tender on bacteria and germs. However, they work better when combined with strong acids since that dual action helps round up bacteria.


Industrial deep cleaning requires using suitable chemicals and agents for guaranteed quality results. There are numerous proficient chemical agents under these four broad categories being quick and vigorous in action. However, most require specialized handling, perfect for professional industrial cleaning companies.



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