Best cycling routes Singapore

Singapore is a great destination for cycling because of its flat roads and good weather. Thanks to the government’s policy to promote walking and cycling, most parks have dedicated walking/cycling trails well-maintained by park authorities.

In this article, we list down best cycling routes in Singapore.

1) East Coast Park

The best cycling routes Singapore is East Coast Park. On weekends, it is extremely packed with cyclists and families enjoying time together on their bicycles along the waterfront area. There are two ways to go around East Coast Park: along the main road or through a shortcut using a bicycle bridge near Bedok Jetty. Both routes are around 10kms long. While the shortcut might be best for families with young kids, expert cyclists may prefer the longer route as it is slightly more challenging due to the higher rate of hills and luggage carrying bicycles along the main road area.

East Coast Park hosts numerous cycling events, so do check out their website here for upcoming activities.

2) Yishun Dam

Yishun Dam is one of the best places for your daily morning exercise. There are two ways you can cycle around this dam: clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. You can choose which way you want to go but do note that there will be certain limitations if you plan on taking the bicycle lane designated by park authorities. We decided to take a shortcut up a nearby hill, which led us to a nice view of the dam.

Yishun Dam is best for morning exercise and not ideal for cycling at night. There are limited lights in the surrounding areas so you might want to avoid going there during evening hours.

3) Macritchie Reservoir

Macritchie Reservoir Park offers one of the best cycling routes in Singapore, with its long stretch of road following along the water’s edge. Note that this route is only available from 5 am to 12 am daily, which means you cannot access it after midnight. This part of the park is best visited on weekdays when less crowded, but be prepared to face more wildlife such as wild boars! We did see one of them near the cycling path.

4) Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park is best for more aged cyclists who are looking for something more challenging. This route starts from the park’s car park area and leads to a nearby hill with an elevated section of cycle track which eventually leads you back to the main road just in front of Admiralty MRT Station. Like Macritchie Reservoir, this stretch is best visited on weekdays when it is less crowded, although we noticed quite a few people cycling here on weekends as well (we went during off-peak hours).


Last but not least, Pasir Ris Park offers one of the best cycling routes Singapore that follows along a canal with many swans. This canal is best visited during weekdays as there are fewer cyclists then. We also found that the best route went through a rather isolated part of the park, so do be aware of your surroundings when you’re cycling here at night.




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